• We are very happy with our pet nanny, Shannon Conn. We have two special needs dogs, and Shannon has been a life saver for our family. When we are out of town, Shannon stays at our home, and she treats our dogs just as well as we do. She has even come by at a last minutes notice to take the dogs out if we have had to stay at work late or if it is a rainstorm and our little dog gets upset. I don’t know what we would have done without Shannon. I trust her with a key to our home, and that says a lot about her character. Shannon is a very good, honest and reliable person that can be trusted to treat your pets like family.

    Jessica and Steven Roberts

  • We love Shannon! We use her for all of our trans-species children’s needs, from daily visits while we are at work to overnight stays when we are on vacation. With seven pets, it is quite difficult to find someone whom can handle them, especially with special diets and medications. She cares for our animals as though they were her own. For instance, when our cat (Obie) was in the hospital; Shannon went to visit him, to give him comfort and support. And upon his passing, she was there for us and our animals. This effort was more than we could-of imagined from a pet sitter. Not only does she handle “special needs” pets, but she does it with patience and love. Not many people would be willing to handle a pet with severe separation anxiety (you can’t even imagine the kind-of stuff of our Butters’ does). But Shannon is always there for our pets and never gives up. We get a call when something is out our sorts with our animal and a report on the visit.
    I would recommend her services to anyone whom truly loves their animals. The day visits (walks) are excellent for those whom work all day and don’t want their babies left alone.

    Karissa and Bryan Dahlke
    (Parents of Maggie, Butters, Mikey, Callie, Isis, Dolce, and Gabbana)

  • Shannon Conn has sat for our dog Oliver several times. We have found Shannon to be professional, responsible, and caring. The excitement that Oliver shows when he sees her says it all. He is in love with her as she is with him and every dog she sits for. In addition, Shannon is a welcomed house guest whose goal is to leave the house in excellent condition. We would highly recommend her to sit with your pet.

             Wendy Speirs